Pol Solà (Barcelona, 1985), is a director, designer, animator, and co-founder of the creative studios Device, Amigo Total and All in Pixel. 
As a digital artist, his work materialized as harmonious and balanced compositions of minimalist and colorful aesthetics. In this body of work he explores the use of light, application of shadows, transparencies and reflections in a synthetic and contemporary way. His work drinks from nature, as organic and real, but at the same time he manages to detach himself from all these referents by creating strange but at the same time attractive dimensions that evoke order, silence and reflection.
Solo Exhibitions:
Back to the Party (2018) The Rice Co. Barcelona
Millennial Art Market (2019) Imagin. Barcelona

G8 Festival (Auguts 2019)

La mono magazine​​​​​​​

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