Sometimes, simplicity is the most beautiful thing. That's why we're loving these crystal vases from our collection. These gorgeous pieces are giving us all the light-noise gradients vibes.

How does light change our work? 

Sometimes it's subtle, and other times it's dramatic. It all depends on how it's given off and where it hits. For our crystal vases, we used light in interesting ways to reflect and refract throughout the pieces. The grain of the glass plays a huge role in how the light reacts with it, creating interesting textures and gradients. 

It's remarkable how even the smallest change in light can have such a big impact on a piece.

These sketches are a work in progress. I'm really enjoying experimenting with different tools and techniques, and it reminds me that it's okay to try new things. Sometimes the process of creating is just as important, and sometimes it's even more enjoyable than the finished piece.

Created by Pol Solà
3D Artists: Pol Solà and Alex Sasov

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