Phygital Art Show +
(08.05.2022 — ♾️ )
Phygital Art Show +, is an evolving exhibition born from a solo and physical show at Silk Gallery (Madrid), and moves towards a collective, multichannel and multidimensional experience. Starting from the abstract landscape and digital mysticism generated by the imaginary of Pol Solà, the show includes the vision and reflection of different guest creators. Phygital Art Show + is ultimately an infinite space, without time limits, which seeks the perpetuity of art for art's sake in a collective sense.

Balance is one of the main issues addressed by Solà's work, resulting in harmonic and static compositions. Objects float, intertwine and enter into an absolute consonance. Light works as a binding and spiritual element, but it is in the orchestration of colors and gradients that a particular emotionality emerges. There is silence, depth, and introspective stillness. ​​​​​​​

Continuing the experience of the first show, the exhibition takes up again the 13 pieces by Solà, but this time only as a reference, each of them being reinterpreted by a different artist. The only premise when generating the pieces is the use of a different technique from the original work. The result is creations that goes from 2D to 3D techniques and vice versa, and that, while maintaining the visual concept, reinvent depth, light, movement, textures, and shapes. The exhibition explores the capacity of digital art, proposing it as a reference in itself, as a starting point for new works that no longer derive from the physical but from a new, purely digital reality. At the same time, the exhibition presents digital art as an exhibition format, offering a glimpse of the endless possibilities that this new environment offers us.

What makes you feel safe is also tearing you apart

Pablo Alfieri

Phygital Art Show +, is born independently, without institutional support, non-profit, challenging the conventional and promoting the democratization of art in its purest, accessible, and connected state. 

Digital Architecture: María Alarcon
Moved by the passion for digital art, friendship, and collaboration, this project has been possible thanks to: María Alarcón, Pablo Alfieri, Simon Appel, Nico Castro, Adrià Chalaux, Carolina Carballo, Guille Comín, Seba Curi, Joan Guash, Kushagra Gupta, Guido Lambertini, Helena Marti, Valeria Moreiro (Color Poetry), Carlos Neda, Daniel Savage, Adriana Valenzuela (Boom Lab), Pavel Zhigarev (NoizLab).

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